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Ethical Hacking and Network Securities

What is Hacking
• Unauthorized use of computer and network resources
• “hacker” originally meant a very gifted programmer.
• Hacking is felony in the us and most other countries.
• When it done by request and under a contract between an Ethical Hacker and an organization ,it is ok!
• The difference is that the ethical hacker has authorization to probe the target
• The Numer of really gifted hacker in the world is very small,but there are lots of wannabes….(Dr. Charles C.plamer,IBM)

Who are Hackers ?
A School Definition for the terms hacker. Is someone who never goes to class ,who in fact sleeps all day,and who spends the night pursuing recreational activities rather then studying.
There are at least two common interpretations:
• Someone who bypasses the systems access controls by taking advantage of security weaknesses left in the system developers
• Someone who is both knowledgeable and skilled at computer programming and who is a member of the Hacker subculture,one with its own philosophy and code of ethics

History of Hackers
• In December of 1947,the transistor was invented.
• Captain crunch
• Steve jobs
• Kevin mitnick
• AT & T
• The worm –Robert tappan morris
• Kevin poulsen (a.k.a. Dark Dante)
• Tsumomu shimomura
• David smith

What is cyber crime?
“He uses Technology As His weapon”
• It is a Crimal activity committed on the Internet.
• A Generalized Definition of cyber crime May be “unlawful Acts wherein The computer is Ethier A tool or target or both”.
• Cyber crime Offenses against The information technology Infrastructure.
• Such conducts Includes:
• Illegal access
• Illegal Interception
• System interference
• Data interference
• Misuse of device
• Fraud
• Fortery
Cyber criminals
• Children and adolescents between the age group of 6-18 Years
• Organesed hackers
• Professional hackers / crackers
• Discontented employees

Reasons for cyber crime
• Capacity to store data in small space
• Easy to access
• Complex
• Negligence
• Loss of evidence

The benefits of Ethical Hacking
There are several benefits of ethical hacking. This article lists the benefits of this type of hacking.

1. To fight against terrorism: There are many terrorists and terrorist organizations that use computer technology in the world are trying to create havoc with. He defended the government’s various systems and their terrorist activities to break into this use. Confusing ethical hackers to terrorists that they can be prevented from using the services.
2. To take preventive measures against hackers: Preventive action against terrorists can be derived from ethical hackers. The reason Ethical hackers to use their expertise to make alternative information that may be incorrect, hackers are taking, while actual data necessary and important it is hidden by terrorists. Preventive action is taken by governments against network break the improvement and construction of the new system saves money in the billions of dollars in costs and more time looking. Thus, ethical hackers use to get really valuable information to help save a lot of money and time to work to prevent hackers from.
3. A system that helps prevent entry by hackers to create: Ethical hackers try and security systems are tested. These people also have a simple system that prevents separation of the current system is constructed. Hackers use the powers to build a proper system to get the data store in various public networks and helps to prevent entry by hackers.

Who should attend?
• Students
• IT Students & Professionals
• Web Developers
• Network Engineers
• System Administrators
• Law Professionals
• Banking & finance Sector Professionals

Training Module:

Ethical Hacking
• Cyber Ethics-Hacking Introduction
• Information Gathering 1
• Information Gathering 2
• Scanning 1
• Scanning 2

• Google Hacking Database
• Virus, Worms – Virus Analysis
• Trojans & Backdoors
• Sniffers & keyloggers
• Proxy Servers & VPNs
• Social Engineering
• Email, DNS, IP spoofing
• HoneyPots
• System Hacking & Security
• Bots,Botnets & DOS
• Cryptography

Website Hacking & Security

• Vulnerability Research
• SQL Injection 1
• SQL Injection 2
• XSS Attacks & Countermeasures
• LFI/ RFI Attacks & Countermeasures
• Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
• Buffer Overflow Attacks 1
• Buffer Overflow Attacks 2
• Session Hijacking Attcks
• Hacking Web Servers
• Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
• Exploit Writing
• Secure Coding Practices

Mobile & Wireless Security

• Wireless Hacking & Security
• SMS Forging & Countermeasures
• VoIP Hacking & Countermeasures
• Bluetooth Hacking & Countermeasures
Information & Application Securit

• Firewalls, IDS, Evading IDS
• Assembly Language Basics
• Metasploit Framework
• Reverse Engineering & Countermeasures

Cyber Crime Investigation
• Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation
• Handling Real World Cyber Crimes
• Investigating Emails & Identifying Terrorists

(Ahmedabad Blast Mail Case Study)
• Introduction to Different Logging Systems
• Investigating Phishing Cases
• Investgating Cyber Pornography Crimes
• Investigating Credit Card Fraud Cases
• Investigating Espionage Case
• Investigating Data Theft Case

Cyber Forensics & Cyber Law
• Understanding Cyber Forensics
• Hands on Cyber Forensics on Hard Disks
• Preparing Cyber Forensics Reports
• Cyber Law & IT ACT,2000

Enterprise Information Security Management
• Establishment of ISMS
• Implementation ,Monitoring ,Review & Maintenance of ISMS
• Resource Management & Management Responsibilities
• Internal Audits
• Selection of Appropriate Controls
• Corrective & Preventive Actions

  Who should attend?
  • Students
  • IT Students & Professionals
  • Web Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Law Professionals
  • Banking & finance Sector Professionals


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