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Net Overview

Course Duration: 30 Days

This information-packed seminar provides an overview of Microsoft's new .NET technology. It should prove of value to developers and managers who are starting on a .NET project or who are evaluating this technology. The course opens with a discussion of the fundamental issues in developing applications in the Web environment, leading to the concept of applications as a service. The .NET Framework is outlined, including the class library and runtime. The major .NET languages are introduced. ASP.NET is described, including the use of Web Forms and Web Controls to simplify developing and deploying Web applications. The central role of XML and SOAP is described, including a discussion of the creation and use of Web services.
The seminar concludes with a survey of additional .NET services, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, interoperability with COM and the Win32 API, and .NET Security.

The seminar includes demonstrations of the development of Web services and programming in C# and VB.NET using Visual Studio .NET Seminar attendees will be provided with comprehensive notes and programming examples. (NOTE: This is not a
hands-on course for students. Demonstrations are done by the instructor.)

Learning Objectives:

 · Understand the application development trends that drive .NET architecture
· Learn the basic architecture of .NET
· Become oriented to the major components of .NET and the        development languages and tools.


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